CAA Rule 109

Described from CAA Part 109
October 9 2008

Part 109 prescribes rules for the certification and operation of regulated air cargo agents.

This Part prescribes the security controls that are to be applied to cargo and mail carried on international passenger aircraft in order to:

  • give the appropriate degree of protection to passengers and crew of international passenger aircraft, and
  • preserve New Zealandís reputation as a safe point of origin for cargo with our international aviation partners, and
  • meet international treaty obligations under the Convention on International Civil Aviation Annex 17 (Security) that will assist in ensuring the security of civil aviation from and within New Zealand.

Part 109 aims to prevent, as far as possible, weapons, explosives or other articles or substances that could be used for  committing an act of unlawful interference being loaded as cargo or mail onto international passenger aircraft.

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Certificate of Conformance for Freight Container Mechanical Seal Testing:

Unisto Genius
Seal Classifaction: High Security

Dayton T. Brown Inc. certifies that 25 samples, 5 of each test, of the seal referenced above were sujected to the following test.

Test Name
Paragraph Number
Classification Rating
Tensile Test
6.2High Security
Shear Test
6.3High Security
Bending Test
6.4High Security
Impact Test @ room temp
6.5High Security
Impact Test @ reduced temp6.5High Security